Meccano Tyres - 2 - Later Tyres

5 September 2016  |  Admin

Meccano Tyres - 2

Later Tyres

With the advent of smaller models and multikit sets in the 1970s, various other tyres were produced, to fit the 1" and the smaller ½" pulleys. Later still, even smaller tyres were made, to fit on the 3/8" diameter plastic or brass collars.


Pictured above is tyre 155 (called 'Rubber Ring' and included in many smaller sets), plus the 1" Tractor tyre part number 142f

The 1" tractor tyre also had a ½" variant shown on the left, part number 142g. The most common ½" tyre is part 452, which was produced in both grey and black, shown at the top. Lastly, on the right, there is an 'Aero' tyre, with a radiused section, similar to those found on aircraft undercarriage. This is part number 142j, and is also made in the smaller 3/8" fomat, as shown below.

These tiny tyres are designed to fit onto a 3/8" diameter collar part 38a, but will in practice fit on any of the 3/8" diameter brass parts in the Meccano system. The small aero tyre is at the top, part 142Ls, with two different widths of 'Go-Kart' tyre pictured below, the wider part is 142m and the narrow part 142n.