Meccano Colours - 2 - Plates

24 January 2017  |  Admin

Meccano Colours - 2 - Plates

Meccano Colours and Finishes

Meccano has been produced in a bewildering array of different colours and finishes over the years so this blog is a quick reference to these. Meccano generally contrasted the colours of plates to be different to the strips to give more colour variety to a finished model. The colours are a good reference to the era of and particular set - ie Red and Green from the 1950s, and Blue, Yellow and Zinc from the 1970s.

The top two plates show the subtle difference between the early / mid 1950s Mid Red Finish, and the late 1950s / early 1960s Light Red Finish.

The bottom two plates show the difference between 1970s UK Yellow (which had a variety of different shades!), and the more lemon coloured French Yellow of the 1980s.

Both the flexible (thin and bendy!) and flat (full of holes and not bendy!) plates in any set were usually the same colour.

Next in this section, some flanged plate colours. At the top, the 1970s Blue, next to the later French powder coated blue parts. The difference in these is so slight, I don't make any listing difference between them, but if you want to purchase one finish or the other, please email me when you place an order.

The lower two plates show 'Army Green', which was used on a few selected plates and strips for the Army Multikits produced in the 1970s, and 'Black', which contrasted with the short lived Silver Strip colour from the late 1960s.

You will also find flat and flanged plates in other colours, such as Mid and Light Red, UK and French Yellow and White.

You can easily search for all the parts available in a particular colour, simply by typing the colour name (ie 'White' or 'Army Green') into the search box on the website.