Meccano Chain - 2 - Chain

17 June 2016  |  Admin

Meccano Chain Drive - 2

Meccano Chain

Each link in a Meccano chain is manufactured from a short piece of steel wire, bent in a U shape, with a loop at each end, through which passes around the next link in the chain.

The chain has a pitch if 6 links per inch, so the dimension between each link is 0.167" or 4.23mm. To calaulate how many links are needed for simple systems with 2 shafts, proceed as follows.

Add the number of teeth on both sprockets together and divide by 2. (eg 56+36 /2 = 46). This gives a rough approximation of how many teeth are required around the driving part of each sprocket.

Measure the distance between the shafts (in inches), and multiply by 2 (chain needs to go there and back between shafts) and multiply by 6 (6 links per inch) . (eg 4 inches x2 x6 = 48).

Add the two numbers (46+48 = 94), so approximately 94 links required. You might need some trial and error to get it just right, the chain will tend to be tight on the drive side, and slack on the return side.

You can add, remove links and re-join the chain simply by opening out the loops on one link, and removing the links not required. You can lever the links open using a small bladed screwdriver or small snipe (round) nosed pliers. To join the chain, simply hook the links in and re-close using round nosed pliers. Ensure that there are no twists in the chain when re-joining it, and try and keep any re-opened and closedlinks looking as neat as possible.

Meccano reproduction chain (Part 94) is made from durable stainless steel and sold in 40" lengths. Original chain is available in 12" lengths.