Meccano Extras - 1 - Brass 1

17 May 2019  |  Admin

Meccano Extras - 1 - Brass 1

Meccano Additional Parts

Meccano has been extending the system since its' inception in the 1900s, with more parts being introduced. From the late 1990s until the present day, there has been a huge number of plastic parts introduced, many of which are single use (ie they really only have one function), specially designed for the now popular single model kits.

There is still some thought to extending the Meccano system on more traditional lines, and this next series of blog posts will show you some of the brass parts which are available to extend the system. Not designed by Frank Hornby, but I'm sure he would approve of these.

I'm going to introduce 3 parts here - the first one is at the top and is part number 63s. This is a Screwed Rod Connector. The bore is threaded with a standard Meccano 5/32 Whitworth thread, and the outside is machined with 6 sides suitable for a Meccano hex or square spanner. It can be used to connect two threaded parts together. If you are using a rotary mechanism, the addition of a nut on the threaded part, tightened onto the connector will keep the threaded part from unscrewing from the connector.

The second part (on the left) is 179a. This is known as a Pivot Rod Socket. It is very similar in size to part 179 (Rod Socket), but the barrel is only 5/16" (8mm) in diameter instead of the usual 3/8" (9.5mm). Useful in a tight spot where clearances are critical.

The final part (on the right) is similar in size to part 59 (collar), but it has 3 threaded holes situated 120 degrees apart. This is known as part 59b, Collar 3 Holes. This can be used just as a conventional collar, or in mechanisms where the 120 degree angle or 3 points are important.