Meccano Tyres - 3- Special Tyres

6 September 2016  |  Admin

Meccano Tyres - 3

Tyres with Special Hubs

Many of the later wider tyres introduced had special hubs too.

The 1¾" diameter geared hub, part 187cm, was used with two different tyres, the high profile A045 shown on the right and low profile 142r on the left. The internal gear teeth on the hub allowed reduction gear hubs to be built, and to be compatible with tri-flat axles, the triflat dog clutch part 144c, would engage with the teeth in the centre.

The smaller 1½" diameter hub, shown at the top, 187bm was used with a radius section tyre 142p. This hub also had central teeth for the triflat axle clutch.

Part 187c was a hard plastic tyre with an outside diameter of 2". This could be fitted onto the large 187e metal hub (on the right), or the small brass 1" bush wheel part 518, which had started life in the Electrikit sets.

The final two tyres are A044, which is used with B451 plastic rims, or you can use a 1" pulley, and 142z (which is only available as a reproduction part, not made by Meccano), which uses two 2" diameter pulleys in the centre.